John & Karen Carpenter

Pastor John C. Carpenter & wife Karen

Pastors Message

As members and attenders of Akeley Methodist Church, we think God’s love here is not simply something believed-in on the basis of the gospel or the testimony of the cross alone. The very essence of God’s love itself is experienced in rich measure through our fellowship with him. Our focus is on rejoicing in God’s glory through the Holy Spirit. We see the actions of God through his Son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for our salvation. This is what we have today through our present experience coming from the whole of salvation history.

– Pastor John C. Carpenter

Lay Leader

As Lay Leader, I’m delighted to paraphrase Paul from his words in Thessalonians, as I define our congregation as “a group of those who encourage one another and build each other up.” The Akeley Methodist Church is a great place to belong – we’re so happy to share the love of Jesus with everybody who walks in the door, and we’re always blessed by our fellowship together. Please join us!

The Akeley Methodist Church is vital because we’ve traditionally used this church as a base of strength and direction, from which we’ve gone out into the world as effective servants of Jesus Christ, sharing the Gospel through word and deed. Jesus’ definition of “church” would have derived from the Hebrew idea of assembly. An assembly of like-minded people who gather to worship God together, gain spiritual strength from each other, participate in the Lord’s Supper, and love, honor, and serve each other, as well as the community and world.

We are the church, and we need to come together physically in order to equip believers with the tools needed to overcome sin. This is done through Biblical teaching and Christian fellowship. Jesus knew this, and He taught His followers with these words, “Where two or more are gathered, there I will be also.” Jesus is with us when we gather. Our church is a working place. Our church is indeed Holy Ground.

Jesus needs us to be grounded in faith and Biblical knowledge, unified in purpose, strong in determination, and blessed in daily mission. It’s almost impossible to be those things without Christian fellowship and assembly. So please join us in worship, music, prayer, and fellowship – I guarantee you a JOYFUL experience!

– Katy Grisamore

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Lay Leader – Katy Grisamore

Church Leaders

  • Council President – Kathie Cole

  • Council Secretary – Nancy Abraham
  • SPRC Chair – Wayne Eimers
  • Trustee Chair – Terry Carlson
  • Membership Chair – Frank Lamb
  • Member at Large – Cleo Lanning
Inside of Akeley UMC